Month: February 2016

Carol, Please get the Total Money Makeover from the library

and read it (or get the audio version and listen to it). You certainly can purchase large ticket items with cash; we did just purchased a 2010, loaded Equinox for $22,084 this past week with cash ($100 bills to be exact). We’ve sold two paid for vehicles in the past year and have had those funds sitting in the bank. We’ve been looking for the right vehicle and finally found it but we use cash advance online service. Since we will now be saving $100 a week in gas with this new to us car, we’re banking that money. In 4.5 years we’ll have over $23,000 in the bank in car payments we’ve paid to ourselves ($100 a week for 4.5 years). We figure we’ll have this vehicle good and miled out by then (we run our cars into the ground), and with the sales price of this car, and the money we’ll have saved, we’ll actually be moving up in vehicle when we’re ready to sell the Equinox. It’s all in the mindset. Your husband is thinking “normal”. You don’t want to be normal. Read the book, listen to Dave’s program either on the radio or online, make a plan (a budget and sinking funds), start some automated savings, and talk to this blog. You’ll be on your way before you know it and please, don’t get that credit card. You’ll learn that a credit score isn’t going to be a big deal to you, having cash on hand to buy things will be, however.

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I know it has been a long time since I have posted, sorry!

I am disabled, and desperately looking for additional jobs to suppliment my income. I have been told of virtual call centers, etc. Has anyone had experience wth them and agood bad, experiences. I do some private shops. I have an ebay store, for Fisher Price and others. NEW!
I have 2 kids and they deserve more. I also have a truck sitting in the driveway that the pinions went bad one, meaning I need a new rear end ( for the truck) LOL. I have a great mechanic, and it will cost less than 1000. And most it would have cost 3 or more thou. the truck is sound, but, older. Good into bad thing! I just have no money to save. I have some of my emergency fund built back up, but struggling with that, and things continuing to break down ! Washer, plumbing, etc. I can do most things myself, but not all!

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