Month: August 2016

Call you utility company to

see if there is anyway you can lower your gas, water, or electric besides cutting back usage. I keep saying I am going to call to get us on bill leveling for gas/electric. It averages you bill over the last 12 months to help cut out the spikes in the summer and winter. I like it for budgeting purposes even being debt free. It doesn’t technically let you pay less but it feels like it since the spikes are leveled out.

We have a bundle through the cable company. We have phone, internet and cable. I have “heard” that you can bundle 2 items, depending on your cable company, I guess. If you still have cable and want to keep the phone as is, see if cable will bundle your internet and cable. It may save you some $$. Of course when we did this, we had already had a bundle at the old house. However, because wwe were moving, we qualified. Plus, we found out that even if we were not moving, it had been more than 12 months so we requalified at that point, even if staying at the old address.

Since we are debt free except the house, our cable package is bigger than it used to be. After about 16 months, I still can’t believe how much we are paying for cable and we don’t even have any premium channels. 8-|

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We’ve already applied out tax return to the debt

The rest went to fund out emergency fund. We are at 9% taken out of his check. We are working towards 12% but it will take some time. We increase it 1% every 6 months.

I am planning to call the internet company tomorrow to see if there is a lower plan we can get on. Our phone bill is only $4.72 a month. That is the taxes for our area. We have ooma as our phone. We got it as a christmas present from a family member. I am also planning to change our garbage pick up from weekly to every other week. That will save us about $7 a month.

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