Honestly, I am not sure whether they compound daily or not

but about a year ago, I wanted to send in weekly payments so I did. At the end of the month, I did not get credit for those weekly payments counting towards my amount due. So, I called and asked and was told that it doesn’t work that way. I can’t send in a little at at time – I have to send in the whole amount at once and it won’t make a difference in terms of how much goes towards interest and principal. I’m not sure that I completely understand why, but I do know that the Wells Fargo mortgage does it differently.

I’m afraid I lost Jen’s email when my 7 year old laptop died just before Christmas

but she was working for a couple of call centers from home for a bit. She would be the person to answer this, and I know she’ll be very candid. Jen, are you out there???? lol If someone has her email, they might want to forward this to her. She’s got a super busy job in the medical field now, and I don’t know that she can stay on top of her emails with this group as much as she used to, but she would be a good source to ask this question of. btw, she’s on Baby Step 7, so she’s a smart cookie.