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I am not a pro-LTRer

but I can think of one product I have used for years at retail that is sold via LTR. It is a synthetic oil called Amsoil that performs well enough that it actually costs less to use their system of oils and filters than competing products.

An acid test of an LTR is whether the retail value of the product beats “mainstream” products sold at Wal-Mart and other stores. If it does, then it’s worth a second look. If not, then run for your life and hold onto your wallet.

A common argument supporting direct sales rather than “mainstream” storefront sales is that new or unusual products often require that one-on-one “education” of the end consumer. Although this approach is clearly open to abuse, I think it has some merit.

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I think we must balance the short life v/s long life

Me, I can’t die, I have too many things to do before I die…LOL

I say that jokingly because 1 year and 2 months ago I walked away from a car accident that I should have not survived. It was UGLY. Motorcycle hit my car so hard it turned me 90 degress and pushed me backwards approx. 20 feet. Also, the motorcycle imbedded in the side of my car. That motorcycle should have come through the car, estimates of his speed were betwen 95-140 mph, and killed me, but thank the good lord above my car stopped it. And the coke head that hit me walked away too…after FOUR days in the hospital.

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