I am disabled, and desperately looking for additional jobs to suppliment my income. I have been told of virtual call centers, etc. Has anyone had experience wth them and agood bad, experiences. I do some private shops. I have an ebay store, for Fisher Price and others. NEW!
I have 2 kids and they deserve more. I also have a truck sitting in the driveway that the pinions went bad one, meaning I need a new rear end ( for the truck) LOL. I have a great mechanic, and it will cost less than 1000. And most it would have cost 3 or more thou. the truck is sound, but, older. Good into bad thing! I just have no money to save. I have some of my emergency fund built back up, but struggling with that, and things continuing to break down ! Washer, plumbing, etc. I can do most things myself, but not all!