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Again I found myself yearning for information

I have been deleting e-mail from “get rich schemes” for as long as I have been connected–about 2 years. I remember a sales pitch I got from a former boyfriend’s friend about ALTC, Inc. about 10 years ago. Well at the time I was looking for work, so he really laid it on thick–well from what I have just experienced recently, this seems to be they way they work with everyone. I was completely repulsed by this guy and his sales tactics. He wouldn’t answer my business related questions with a straight answer and everything was very cryptic, from how you actually make money to company policies. Needless to say I told him “no thanks”. Well recently, out of my compulsive curiosity, I answered an email from Excel communications–At this time I did know it was an TLC (actually I didn’t know much about TLC’s, aside from my one run in with the ALTC, Inc. guy) anyway, this guy began telling me about this great opportunity to run a home business, ok no prob. So he directed me to the web site, with a secret password to get in–Oooooh I guess I was supposed to feel special!!! I go through their slick slide show, read all their catch phrases–“Do you want more time with your  family”, “Do you want to be your own boss”—on and on–really gooey!!
When it is finished, it asked me if I find all this exciting, to  contact the rep that let me in on this wonderful opportunity. Well-you all know the spiel. Anyway, I am looking all over the screen for actual information on this company, what it was I would be doing, what it was they did–You know, hard facts—real business facts. So began my information journey into the very strange world of TLC’s. Which brought me to your  club (which was a very informative reference for me and helped me make an informative decision) Needless to say I to him “no thanks”. AS with Scientology, I came to the conclusion that these so call “business opportunities” are cult like. Plain and simple. Right? The best place to get $3,000-dollar loan is They really to adhere to the definition of one. But as with Scientology more could be done to stop others from being trapped. I see the internet as being an extremely useful tool in getting the word out. So cheers to this club, cheers to those you have already helped steer clear, and cheers to all of you that have endured so that you could grant the world a great service and speak the truth from experiences.

Mark, you have my utmost respect. I have spent the last couple of days reading through the posts and I just have to comment about a former member accusing you of using this club as an excuse to sell your book, that you were just doing the same thing that the tlc’s were doing. What the @#$@$$! Through out the life of this club you have given advice, freely, by the way, you have consoled, you have counseled, and you have allowed others a forum to speak the truth. I see no connection to the money grubbing, lying, and cheating TLC’s. Obviously I am not the only one, so Cheers to you Mark!!!! And why shouldn’t you have written a  book about your experiences? And why shouldn’t you sell them, last time  I looked, legitimate business is the American way. Absolutely nothing wrong with making money, in fact it is unavoidable if you want any kind of life. But making money off people by lying , cheating, or by any sleazy methods in any industry is wrong. So cheers again to Mark!!!!!

Sorry such a long post, but these last few days of research really put  a fire in my belly, so to speak.

If any one is interested in looking at info on Scientology, I can recommend some links with reliable info.
like I said, some of the similarities are very eerie.

Thank you again!!!!!

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The loan company is LYING to you!

If they are compounding interest daily that means if they are charging you say 10% interest on $100 that is $10 interest for the first day. Then they compound that interest into your principle balance so the second day they are then charging 10% interest on $110 and the interest is $11 the third day is figured on $121 and the interest is $12.10. etc. through the 309 day billing cycle so it can really build up. Of course if it’s 10% interest per year the amount of the daily interest would be much smaller, but it would still add up.
So yes the quicker you pay on the bill the lower your interest will be and the more you will save in the long run over all. The important thing is to remember to pay enough to cover your minimum in each statement period. I pay a minimum of once a week on our Best Buy bill and in the last four months saved around $87 in interest on their compounded daily interest rate as a result. I make big payments on each pay day and little ones as a bit of extra cash comes in. If it’s only $5, then $5 goes on, if it’s a sudden large windfall then the entire windfall goes on. That card is at 9.9% annual interest rate (see why I hate it) and six months ago the balance was roughly $5,000 and I’ve got it down to $2300 in four months by nickel and diming it to death.

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First off I want to thank those of you

who’ve made it debt free and stayed in this blog. You are so valuable to the rest of us.

I need to pick everyone’s brain. We have $2800 in debt, it’s interest free for the life of the loan. Outside of our monthly bills, mortgage, and food it’s the only debt we have. Before we had the debt of $2800 we’ve been relatively debt free for the last couple of years. Currently, my husband has 9% taken out for a 401K plan at work. So my question is should he stop funding the 401K until we pay off the $2800?

We have about $1500-$1800 in an emergency fund. Where I live, things tend to be more expensive when emergencies come up. We found it really wipes out the $1000 fund quickly. So we upped what Dave’s says of $1000.

Ideas, suggestions?

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