My parents helped me buy my house in 1996. My credit was bad, of course, so they put the down payment and the house in their name. I paid the house off last April. Yeah!!!

My parents died a few years ago, within 10 months of each other. So here we are a few years later and the house is still in their name. My brother is the executor of their will and yes the will has been, oh darn can’t think of what it’s called right now. I’ve asked my brother about getting the house in my name a couple of times since April and he keeps telling me we’ll get it done. My brother is upstanding and responsible but I’ve noticed that since he became a grandpa for the first time last December he is dragging his feet on a lot of stuff.

So to my question. I recently purchased 3 lots next to my property. I received papers from the county to fill out how much I bought the new lots for. There is also a place to apply for homestead on the property. So, do I go ahead and homestead the new property and can add my house in later when I get it in my name or wait until the house is in my name and do it at the same time. I’m 42, my parents were in their 70’s when they passed away. My taxes are pretty low right now.

Oh and I’m in Texas.