Do you have tax money coming back, or have you got your taxes that level? At this point for that small amount I would not stop the 401K.
However much you husband’s company matches, that is the amount of 401K you should have taken out –Per Dave Ramsey. Dh and I still owe huge amounts, but we are funding 6% into the 401K because that is what the company matches and with our ages being 65 and 62 our time to put back enough for retirement running short.
If it was me, and I have done this more than once. I’d cruise the house and see what I could sell and then sell it. I know you’ve done that to some extent, but have you cleared your bookshelves, put nice clothes in consignment shops, cut back your cable, cut back your telephone service? Unlike the government who doesn’t think little bits add up, little bits really do add up. Check your utilities for overages etc.